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Carbohydrates are important for human health and they taste delicious. We believe that carbohydrates should be eaten and treated with the dignity that they deserve. Over the past few years proponents of Atkins, South Beach and other low carb fad diets.... have been pointing the finger at carbohydrates as the reason for society's increasing waist band. We think carbohydrates have been given a bad rap. At iLoveCarbohydrates we believe a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, daily exercise, and of course carbohydrates. Show your love, pride and respect for carbohydrates by wearing one of our unique designed items for the carb lover. Because admit it, you love carbs, even if you can't eat them! If you have any comments or questions regarding this website please contact us.

This website was started by an individual who obviously loves carbs and isn't afraid to say it..

Note: Many carbohydrates were consumed and enjoyed while creating this website.

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