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Carb Lovers Unite

Carb Lovers Unite! We know you are out there...so let us know you are a carb lover. We are giving away free "I Love Carbs" stickers to all those who send in a picture of themself wearing one of our products. Here are a few of our happy customers who have taken us up on the offer.

Note:Sensitive viewers and low carb dieters beware...the following images are of people who are eating carbohydrates and enjoying themselves.

Carb Lover 1

Bill - Denver, Colorado
Favorite Carbs: Any type of bread

Carb Lover 2

Debra - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Favorite Carbs: Any pasta but especially loves lasagna

Carb Lover 3

Geneveve - Corte Madera, California
Favorite Carbs: Pizza

Kristen, Massachusetts

"Your website is a breath of fresh air among the halitosis caused by the abundance of Atkins-devotees. As a runner (and an Italian), it's great to know that I'm not the only one still relying on good ol' carbohydrates as a staple of my diet!"

Attached is a photo taken of me at a Halloween party this past October.  I went as an "Atkins nightmare" - notice the bread/bagels on the pitchfork, as well as the Cheerios necklace.  Unfortunately, you can't see the pasta hoop earrings I made!

Kristen and Ryan, Colorado

Ryan threw a "Anti-Atkins" party and asked people to bring some of their favorite carbs to share, and gave shirts away to the best/most creative item. 

John, Colorado

Won this shirt at Ryan of Colorado's Anti-Atkins party. I guess we won the shirt for eating eating a slice of bread with peanut butter and Gu. 
Mmmm, tasty! 

Do you want to join the united carb lovers on iLoveCarbohydrates.com? If you do, we will send you a free "I Love Carbs" sticker. Please email us a picture of yourself wearing one of our products and we will send you your "I Love Carbs" sticker right away and feature your picture on this page. Note: images will be added to this webpage. First name and location will be included on this webpage with your permission. Images will only be used for this web site. To submit your image or ask any further questions about "Carb Lovers Unite" please email us.


User Feedback

As one who adores all carbohydrates, I wholeheartedly approve of this revolution!  Placing blame upon innocents such as semolina, potatoes, and fruit is not to be tolerated.  Put some balance in your diet and get off your arse already!
Seattle, Washington

I just wanted to let you know what an awesome web site this is! My friends and I were just discussing how the whole world is on the low-card diet and we love our carbs! Thanks for this great website! Go Carbs!!!!
Sacramento, California

I am SO HAPPY to have found this website! I felt like the last hold out for high carb (aka healthy) eating! I'm all about high carb, low fat, and exercise and am so sick of all the low carb hype. Thanks for keeping up the website!

I just want you to know that you people are the coolest thing in the entire world. I feel like I should be walking around every day with a giant poster of the Food Pyramid taped to my back. Carbs are good for you. They're GOOD FOR YOU. Keep rockin', fellow carb-lovers. Our day will come. Cassandra

I somehow stumbled upon your website and instantly fell in love.  I'm a HUGE carb PROMOTER and love that you are too! 


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